The fellowship team working with OMAFRA is a small interdisciplinary team of professionals from the private technology sector made up of a software developer, UX designer, and product manager. The goal of the fellowship is to help OMAFRA build digital capacity, allowing the organization to work in new ways and help as many Ontarians as possible.

  1. Our Team
    1. Zola McAdie - Software Developer
    2. Rola Kuidir - User Experience Designer
    3. Seyi Taylor - Product Manager
  2. Code for Canada
    1. Programs

Our Team

A headshot of Zola McAdie Zola McAdie
A headshot of Rola Kuidir Rola Kuidir
A headshot of Seyi Taylor Seyi Taylor

Zola McAdie - Software Developer

Zola has a background working with non profit organizations and early stage startups. Most recently he has supported the Toronto tech community as a mentor with Lighthouse Labs. At OMAFRA Zola is responsible for steering the HOW of the project, ensuring that potential solutions are possible, feasible, and are using the best technologies available.

Rola Kuidir - User Experience Designer

Rola’s experience at Postmedia has allowed her to improve accessibility and create human-centred products. She has also mentored with Canada Learning Code helping students learn new coding languages. At OMAFRA Rola is responsible for steering the WHY of the project, advocating for the users’ needs, facilitating user research, and designing the digital solution.

Seyi Taylor - Product Manager

Seyi has experience working with technology startups and non-profits globally - helping develop digital products in the areas of adtech, healthcare, fintech, and edtech. At OMAFRA, Seyi is responsible for steering the WHAT of the project - helping align the team on product objectives and feature priorities.

Code for Canada

Code for Canada is a national nonprofit that connects government innovators with the tech and design community. Our programs enable governments to deliver better digital public services and empower communities to solve civic challenges using technology and design.