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Call for Participants

Code for Canada, in collaboration with the Public Service Commission’s Personnel Psychology Centre, are looking employees in the federal government to participate in one-on-one interviews to discuss their job experience in the federal public service. This will take approximately 1 hour.

We are also looking to recruit public servants in managerial roles to participate in observational field studies to better understand your work environment. This will take approximately 3 hours, where you will be shadowed by a Code for Canada researcher.

These studies will guide the product direction for building a more modern, accessible digital tool for assessing managerial candidates.

Code for Canada is a national nonprofit that connects government innovators with the tech and design community. Our programs enable governments to deliver better digital public services and empower communities to solve civic challenges using technology and design.

Privacy Notice

The Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) is committed to protecting the privacy rights of individuals.

The Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) is committed to protecting the privacy rights of individuals.

The definition of “personal information” is any information, in any form, about an identifiable individual. Refer to section 3 of the Privacy Act for further details regarding personal information.

The personal information you provide will be used by the Personnel Psychology Centre for research and development purposes; and is collected under the authority of section 11 of the Public Service Employment Act. Provision of your information is voluntary, and will not be used to make any administrative decisions about you.

Personal information is collected and used as described in the Treasury Board Secretariat’s Standard Personal Information Bank Outreach Activities (PSU 938)

Individuals have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the department’s handling of their personal information.


Are you a manager?

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Are you a supervisor or team leader who hopes to become a manager?

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